3 Biggest Mistakes

1. You didn't machine wash it before your first use

The first but most skipped over instruction is to throw your new MakeUp Eraser in the machine with any load of laundry before your first use. This is because washing it activates the fibers in the cloth to start working. If this step is skipped, you may have a harder time to remove your makeup.

2. You're using it dry

Water is the most important ingredient... hey it's our only ingredient! Make sure you are fully saturating the part of the cloth you are using to remove your makeup. Let the water really absorb into the cloth. We like to say: The warmer the water, the wetter the better!

3. You're not using the short fiber side with circular motions to erase

The short fiber side of the eraser is to remove your makeup. Once you remove your makeup, flip your eraser over and use the longer fiber side (side with tag) to exfoilate. Be sure to always use circular motions on your face, especially around the eyes! When using the circular technique you will not have to rub hard or pull the skin. The fibers will break up the dirt, oils and makeup effortlessly.

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  • Sarahjane on Jun 05, 2019

    Bought the makeup eraser limited edition pineapple theme. But unfortunately I forgot to wash it prior to using it cause I was soooo excited to use >.< it still worked but I’m bummed I forgot to pre-wash it. But overall works amazing! I hate getting makeup wipes so it’s awesome to have something like this that I can bring anywhere and not waste my money!

  • Julie on Oct 01, 2019

    A friend gave me the sample to try and I’m in love with MUE! Thanks for the tips, buying these on Black Friday for gifts♥️

  • Rose DeLeonardo on Oct 01, 2019

    I want everyone to know that Ive8got WHITE towels & my face one NEVER has makeup stains anymore! I’d have some staining before no matter HOW MUCH I washed my face with cleansers. I’ll never be without my MUE!! 💕

  • AGGIRL38 on Sep 06, 2018

    It works!!! I love this!!!

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