Brand Story

Luxury Meets Eco: The Female Founding Story

Our Founder, Elexsis McCarthy, launched the brand in 2013 after discovering a new & innovative way to remove all makeup with no chemicals, no oils... JUST WATER!

Where Skincare Meets Innovation

Discover the revolution in makeup removal with The Original MakeUp Eraser, born from innovation and a commitment to excellence. Our founder, Elexsis, transformed the way we remove makeup with a patented, plush material that's gentle yet effective. Our premium fabric, with its cloud-soft fibers, effortlessly lifts makeup without harsh chemicals or rubbing, making it dermatologist approved for all skin types.

Our journey from a simple idea to a global brand reflects our dedication to quality, sustainability, and luxury. The Original MakeUp Eraser stands as the premium choice in skincare, offering an unparalleled, gentle, and sustainable makeup removal experience.

"One day it finally hit me, I had not used or purchased a single makeup wipe or removal product in over 10 years! I knew this was something I NEEDED to share with the world."

— Elexsis McCarthy, Brand Founder

  • Lexi and her grandmother in their hometown in Washington after launching the brand

  • One of the first ever samples of The Original MakeUp Eraser

  • First beauty convention MakeUp Eraser attended