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The Science Behind The Magic

The Original MakeUp Eraser® is designed with advanced fiber technology for superior makeup removal. Its unique fiber composition, including thickness and density, maximizes skin contact for efficient cleaning. The microfibers work through electrostatic and Van der Waals forces, effectively capturing makeup particles at a microscopic level. 

Enhanced by water-induced polarization, the fibers adhere to and lock in makeup, ensuring a thorough and gentle clean. This design not only provides effective cleaning with minimal irritation but also offers impressive durability and reusability, maintaining its quality and effectiveness for up to 100 washes. The Original MakeUp Eraser® combines scientific principles with practical design for an exceptional user experience.

  • Fiber Characteristics

    Efficiency starts with the fibers. Optimal fiber thickness, cross-section, and density create a large active surface area for effective cleaning. This results in enhanced fiber-to-skin contact, ensuring a deeper, more thorough cleanse.

  • Cleaning Mechanism

    Utilizing densely packed, premium fibers, our product effectively lifts makeup using electrostatic and Van der Waals forces. These forces are especially powerful at the micro and nanoscale, ensuring efficient makeup removal from the skin.

  • Enhanced Adhesion

    When moistened, our fibers exhibit stronger adhesion, similar to gecko feet, for mess-free makeup removal. This ensures thorough cleaning with minimal force, reducing skin irritation, while remaining easy to clean for reuse.

  • Design & Durability

    Features unique microdenier fibers in a ribbon-shaped cross-section for effective makeup removal. Durable and reusable, it withstands up to 100 wash cycles, maintaining performance and appearance over time.

  • The Original MakeUp Eraser®

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Dr. Sonia Batra - Certified Board Dermatologist