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✔ 100% vegan

✔ eco-friendly

✔ cruelty-free

✔ hypoallergenic

✔ dermatologist approved

✔ EU approved

✔ USA designed



✔ machine washable

✔ reusable

✔ lasts 3 to 5 years

✔ great for sensitive skin

✔ eliminates waste



100% Polyester. No added chemicals.

Free of alcohol, oils, astringents, parabens, fragrances, & sulfates.


of customers reported they would never buy makeup wipes again.


said they are likely to refer MakeUp Eraser to a friend.


reported MakeUp Eraser works exactly as advertised.


MakeUp Eraser is a premium, patented, polyester cloth made up of millions of tiny hair-like fibers that activate when wet & work together as a "suction" for all dirt, makeup, & oil in your pores. 


Machine wash hot & dry with your towel load. Fabric softener & dryer sheet safe. *Machine wash before first use to activate fibers.


Soak in warm water. The warmer, the wetter, the better! PRO TIP: Use in sections, wash approx. 1-2 times per week.

Erase & Exfoliate

Use the short fiber side to erase makeup in gentle circular motions. Then flip to long fiber side (side with tag) to exfoliate the skin.

Wipes create waste. We don't. ♻️

1.3 billion wipes are used daily. That's enough to fill 500 school buses! Every MakeUp Eraser is equal to 3600 makeup wipes. Together, let's stop creating this unnecessary waste, one LESS wipe at a time. #nomorewipes

2 in 1: Erase & Exfoliate

Use the short fiber side to erase makeup in gentle circular motions then flip to the long fiber side (side with tag) to exfoliate the skin. Continue in gentle circular motions.


FIRST EVER MACHINE WASHABLE MAKEUP SPONGE! bye bye dirty sponges forever! Use wet or dry for a flawless application. ✨ Machine wash & dry your sponge in your washball with your MakeUp Eraser/towel load. #notyouraveragesponge



2 in 1: Reusable toner & exfoliation PUFF

Double-sided to tone & deeply exfoliate when needed. Reusable & machine washable. Non-absorbent to waste less of your product. THE PUFF will replace your single-use cotton rounds. #nomorewaste



Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I wash my MakeUp Eraser?

    We recommend you machine wash hot & dry with your towel load. MakeUp Erasers are very durable, you can wash with any load of laundry, use any detergent, & it's fabric softener & dryer sheet safe. Don't forget to machine wash prior to first use to activate the fibers and prevent staining.

  • Does it remove waterproof mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, etc.?

    Absolutely! The warmer, the wetter, the better! Be sure to use very warm water & fully soak your MakeUp Eraser. PRO TIP: hold your wet warm MUE over your eye for 5+ seconds then begin gentle circular motions. This will loosen up all that stubborn makeup for an effortless removal experience!

  • How long will my MakeUp Eraser last?

    Every MakeUp Eraser lasts 3-5 years or 1,000 machine washes.

  • I have very sensitive skin and/or acne. Is this for me?

    The Original MakeUp Eraser is dermatologist approved & great for sensitive skin! After all, we only use the most natural ingredient: WATER.

  • How often do I have to wash it?

    Since MakeUp Eraser is anti-bacterial, it is 100% safe to have overlap throughout the week. We recommend using in sections and machine washing approx. 1-2 times per week. Spot washing always welcome. For 7-Day Sets, use one mini for every day of the week!

  • Will my MakeUp Eraser cause premature wrinkles and fine lines?

    Of course not! The Original MakeUp Eraser is extememly gentle on the skin & dermatologist approved. 

  • How does it work?

    The MakeUp Eraser is made of of millions of tiny hair-like fibers that stand straight up and work as a "suction" for all makeup, dirt, & oil in your pores. Check out our 'Why It Works' page for more info here.

  • Do I have to rub hard to remove my makeup?

    Nope! Use warm water & gentle circular motions and your makeup will melt right off effortlessly. The warmer, the wetter, the better!

  • What's the difference between MakeUp Eraser and a normal towel/washcloth?

    Standard towels have thick looped material. The MakeUp Eraser is a premium, patented, polyester cloth that is made up of millions of tiny hair-like fibers that stand straight up to reach into your pores and "suction" all makeup, oil, & dirt and oil directly from your pores.  It's nonabrasive unlike any other washcloth/microfiber towel.